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All investment programs are planned by financial experts with high quality and a team of professional traders, which aims to provide private online investment development with high profit. We are very proud to say that our customer basis crosses financial organizations, individuals and several other companies and organizations. We are determined to provide the best services for our customers and a very profitable source of income for our investors.

To make our investors to get benefit in the financial market is our desire and mission first and foremost. We are striving to build a company which can stand the test. For the long-term profit and individual benefit, we would like you to spend a little time in considering our investment plan, so as to choose an investment set in line with your demand.

CTO Plan


  • $30Minimum Amount
  • $300Maximum Amount
  • 3%Commission

Daily for 1 Day

Principal Not Returned

CFO Plan


  • $301Minimum Amount
  • $3,000Maximum Amount
  • 5%Commission

Daily for 2 Days

Principal Not Returned

CEOr Plan


  • $3,001Minimum Amount
  • $30,000Maximum Amount
  • 10%Commission

Daily for 3 Days

Principal Not Returned


Referral Commission

For our referral program, we offer you a generous commission of 10% on any efforts you made in bringing in your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family members to join our program and become an active investors.

CoinsJobs offers
great investments plans and packages for EVERYONE,
regardless of an individual financial status.

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